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sears blue service crew Reviews

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  • Terrible Customer Service

    My LG refigerator quit working, I called and to schedule a repair. They could not come out for two weeks. Then they tell me they will be there between 8-5...really!!!! So it is 5 now and now they tell me it could be as late as 9, after we took a day off work to be there! Are they going to let me deduct the lost wages from my bill??? That's if the guy even shows up, and if he does I wonder if I will have to wait another two weeks for the part! More...
    (Repair Services)
    cmstevens's Picture   cmstevens    0 Comments   Comments
  • washer woes

    Bought a Frigidaire washer 11/24/12. Six service calls/ technicians later, the washer is still leaking water from the bottom. Made my seventh service call 7/30/14. Called Sears Resolution Hotline and was given excuses, put on hold and never apologized to. The 5 techs I have had so far gave different ideas as to what was the problem and some even failed to order all the parts needed or the correct parts needed. It's been a nightmare. Sears will never get my business again. More...
    (Dry Cleaning, Laundry)
  • washer woes

    Purchased Frigidaire washer Model # FAFW3801LW. Serial #4C23503404 on 11/24/12. Service call 1: 7/8/13 Water leaking from bottom. Pump and hose replaced. Service call 2: 10/10/13 Still leaking and not turning on. Broken tub and panel. Ordered tub. Service call 3: 10/21/13 Couldn't install tub since tech 2 didn't order gasket. That day I called Sears Complaint Hotline to complain and got nowhere. Put on hold, excuses made, no apology for the three days off work thus far. Service call 4: 10/26/13: Parts replaced. Service call 5: 11/9/13: Shocks replaced. Were rusty... More...
    (Dry Cleaning, Laundry)
    ncurran's Picture   ncurran    0 Comments   Comments
  • Delivery of new washer and dryer

    The crew that was sent over was amazing . They called in the morning to let me know they could deliver my appliances but I had to leave in an hour to drive my daughter to school . They said no problem we will get right over . They were in and out in half an hour . They removed the old appliance that I didn't want and checked to make sure the new ones worked . I forgot to get their names since we were moving along so quickly so I hope they know how much I appreciated there service . More...
    (Delivery Services)
    denised78's Picture   denised78    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customers

    Sears service have the worst communication that you could not believe. This will be my third time scheduling an appointment because the truck broke down or the customer service reps. need to be trained again. (miscommunication sucks). The manager say's he don't know who gave me the information about the time frame to service my air ducts. If you are the manager you should have a log when your reps call the customers to remind or cancelled an appointment. As to what the rep say I blame the manager. More...
    Peaches6292's Picture   Peaches6292    0 Comments   Comments
  • Service cannot be Trusted

    I have an AC / heat pump unit install in 2010 from Sears. Heat pump had been cycling on and off frequently so I called them for maintenance. The first person they sent was on time and very professional. He did a pretty decent job of at least attempting to diagnose the cause and did isolate that it was a pressure issue. He also stated that is was essentially a second level service or repair so he could schedule me for that. The second person to show up on repair day was also on time. He asked what was the problem and after I relayed all of the back story, he immediately started talking... More...
    (Interior Design, Home Repairs - Sponsored by SEARS)
  • Sears dryer repair - again and again

    My dryer stopped blowing heat, and I got an appointment for the next day Friday between 1-5. At 5 I called and was told he's coming, don't worry - no apology. He showed up around 5:30 and fixed the dryer. On Sunday, a day and a half later, no heat again. I got an appointment for the next day, Monday (yesterday). Same tech. Different result. He had to order a part, and gave me an appointment for January 9 - 10 days later. I asked him to expedite it, and he said no. I called Sears to request it myself, and spoke with a very nice lady who promised to call me back this... More...
    (Repair Services)
    spavinaw's Picture   spavinaw    0 Comments   Comments
  • worst company I ever deal with never again!!!!!

    Today I had appointment with sears blue crew to fix my washer. my wife take the day off stay at home and wait for them to come. for not normal hour window 9 to 5 pm but its not the issue! I get a phone call from the technicians that is on is way and then he ask me is your dryer on top of the washer I say yes, he say I need find out if I can come alone! mean while when make the appointment originally I told them that the dryer was on top of the washer and give them full information on what need to be done! I get a phone call from sears and this girl get on the phone and from the min... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Abikzertomas's Picture   Abikzertomas    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sears dishwasher installation bait and switch

    A while ago I bought a dish washer at Sears, and signed up for their installation for $269. It seemed expensive, but the expense was better than the hassle of trying to line up a third party installation on my own. I wasn't home when the Sears guys arrived, my wife was. They looked at our old dishwasher and said that the hookups weren't to code, and they would leave, with our dishwasher if we didn't cough up another $250. What could my wife do? She paid. They were in and out in less than an hour. I bet they find "code violations" in all the homes they do... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    abballama's Picture   abballama    2 Comments   Comments
  • Service call to fix a broken dryer

    I called to have a dryer repaired. They were supposed to come between 8-12. At 12:30, when no one had arrived or called, I called and was told that the technician was still at least 2.0 hours from getting to my house. The person on the phone made no effort to make any fix the situation but rather put me on hold and then disconnected the call. When I called back, I got equally useless assistance from the others on the phone. I suspect they are using third party contractors and have no ability to do anything about faulty service. More...
    (Repair Services)
    mattbparker's Picture   mattbparker    0 Comments   Comments
  • Riding Lawn Mower Repair

    Your Blue Crew Guy: Michael Green did a fast and courteous job servicing my lawn mower. He replaced the muffler and the skid plate under the deck. He also scraped the dried grass from beneath the deck. He had a lift that was really neat to pick the mower up for easy service. He carried on conversation with my self,my granson and even the dog. Thank you Michael Green for such a wonderful service evening. Sincerely, Allen Lee Turner- 10207 Jack Torres Road- Maringouin La. 70757-5416 More...
    (Repair Services)
    GDDoge's Picture   GDDoge    0 Comments   Comments
  • Washer

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. My Kenmore Elite washer was repaired 11 days ago. Thank goodness the washer was still under warranty because there was so many things wrong with it the bill would have been $1,050. However,I have 3 boxes weighing about 50 lbs. of damaged parts that the blue crew technician didnt take but assured me that it would be picked up the next day. Well, after 3 attempts & a total 8 phones calls equaling 4 hours on the phone, I still dont have an answer when the boxes will be picked up. Bottom line if you get anything from sears, make SURE they take the old parts/appliance away right then and... More...
    (Interior Design, Home Repairs - Sponsored by SEARS)
    cciro1999's Picture   cciro1999    1 Comments   Comments
  • Refrigerator Blues

    I scheduled a Blue Crew technician for Friday August 26th from 1 to 5 PM (on Monday August 15th via internet). I had to take the day off of work without pay. I I recieved a call on Thursday evening, August 24th at 5:10 PM informing me to call the 800 number to reschedule the appointment. I called and I was informed that the appointment was rescheduled for Thursday September 1st. I told the caller that this was not an option as I already have the day off tomorrow without pay and I cannot afford to take another day off without pay. I askjed to speak to a Supervisor and was put on hold for 20... More...
    (Repair Services)
    scootnan's Picture   scootnan    3 Comments   Comments
  • scheduling

    poor scheduling and proper notification. This concerns the service provided by the schedulers of the blue Crew team for service not the technician repair service itself. I waited 3 weeks so that I could have my dishwasher repaired and my washer and frig looked at for their yearly check up. When I didn't receive a courtsey call the night befor my appointment I called that morning to see if indeed a tech was coming. I was told a tech was scheduled to work on my dishwasher and washer and that my frig was scheduled for next week! I wasn't notified of the change! I already waited 3... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • scheduling services

    My dishwasher needed a repair and I wanted my washer and refrigerator to have a yearly check up too. I waited 3 weeks so that all this could be accomodated. The night before my appointment I did not receive a courtsey call. The following day I called to confirm the appointment. Yes a technician would repair the dishwasher and look at the washer. I asked about my frig and was told that an appointment for next week was scheduled. I didn't make that appointment and wasn't aware of the change! I feel like my time was not considered. A scheduler did try to send out a tech that day,... More...
    (Repair Services)
    kfriederich's Picture   kfriederich    0 Comments   Comments

    I made an appointment over a week ago with Sear to send someone out to repair my stove. The arrival window they provided was from 8am-12noon, which of course, required me to take the whole monring off from work (without pay). After making the appointment online, I also confirmed by telephone. The day before the appointment Sears contacted me by telephone to confirm that the repairman would arrive the following day between 8am and 12 pm. I was home the entire time, and guess what - NO ONE SHOWED UP FOR THE ENTIRE FOUR HOURS! I couldn't believe it, so I called Sears... More...
    (Repair Services)
    cngifford's Picture   cngifford    1 Comments   Comments
  • Sears Blue Crew Service

    Today is the 5th time we have had a reapir person from Sears to try to fix our refrigerator. We have lost numberous amounts of food in our freezer and refrigerator. Our technican ID#724658 - CONRAD was wonderful. He was professional and also friendly and by the time he left our house the freezer was at 22 degrees. Hurray!!!! We have always had Sears products but after the recent dealings with Sears appliances and service we have buying our products other places. If I could get Conrad back I would return to Sears for all of our appliances and service.Teresa Stropoli More...
    (Repair Services)
    Firefly53's Picture   Firefly53    1 Comments   Comments
  • Inferior Excuse for Air Conditioning Services

    I have a so-called "Master Protection Agreement" with Sears for a Kenmore heat pump. I originally reported the failure of the heat pump to Sears on May 26 and was told that under their "emergency" service designation I would receive a repair call on June 3, over a week after I originally reported the problem to Sears. At the appointed "emergency" appointment this morning (June 3) I was told by by Sears that the technician who was supposed to perform the one-week "emergency" repair had called in "sick" and would not be able to make the... More...
    (Repair Services)
    ryansassman's Picture   ryansassman    1 Comments   Comments
  • Air Conditioning

    I had an air conditioning installed by Sears in June 2006. They used the existing furnace/air handler and the existingt duct system - only replaced the unit outside. Every time it breaks, it takes at least 2 crews to do separate vsists to figure out what is wrong with it. And it always takes them hours to diagnose or repair. One time they figure out what part needed replacement, but they could not find it to order it for me. On their last visit, after spending hours replacing the compresor, I noticed that the light on the thermostat was off, but the air conditioning was still running. I... More...
    (Interior Design, Home Repairs - Sponsored by SEARS)
    standupmira's Picture   standupmira    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Service!!!

    we bought a Kenmore Bottom-Mount Refrigerator on 5-8-09 and I started going bad in April of 2011. A Blue Crew Serviceman came out and said the refrigerator needed a circulating motor. We waited over a week for that part to come and for the repairman to come back to install the part. But the circulating motor did not solve the problem. The freezer began to fill with frost again and the refrigerator was too warm. Another Blue Crew serviceman came and said we needed a spacer on the freezer door. We got that part in one day. But it was 4 days later when another serviseman came to tell us... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    tibiarato56's Picture   tibiarato56    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ice maker service call

    Technician charged 65.00 for diagnosis. In 15 minutes he said the water pump needed replacement but everything else was ok. It was cooling and I needed a water pump for about alot of money. Takes about 10 minutes to replace one. I let the unit run and it became hot not cooling. I called the tech 3 times to ask him what to do. He did not return the call. I talked to 2 people in customer service and they said pay another 65.00 and we will come and check again. Obviously Sears does not care that 1 Tech does not return calls 2 You pay for a diagnosis which is incorrect and the they ask you to... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Hatteras4's Picture   Hatteras4    2 Comments   Comments
  • Very Frustratedand disappointed

    Called sears service center 1st. of Feb. needing Kenmore dishwasher repaired,it was leaking from side of machine.Took about 3 weeks for repairman to come and too him about 10 minutes to see problem and order new dishwasher tub. Took about 3 days to get tub delievered to home (impressed with time). It then took another 2 weeks to get repairman to come back to home.He opened up box with tub in it and seen it had some dents in it, so he bad order it and ordered another tub.Left the dented one at my home. This took all of March and customer service called April 2 to reschedule service time and... More...
    (Repair Services)
    tbhendrix's Picture   tbhendrix    0 Comments   Comments
  • No service at all

    We set up an appointment for Blue Crew to come to our home to clean our carpet. We were told Blue Crew would arrive on 4/9/11 between 8am & 9am. They not only never showed up, they never even had the courtesy to call us and inform us that they had no intention of ever coming. We made several calls to customer service to try & reach them to find out why they hadn't come, left our telephone # for a call back, but got no response whatsoever. We wasted most of a Saturday waiting for Blue Crew to deign to even call us, but go nothing for our trouble. Obviously, we will... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Miesque1973's Picture   Miesque1973    0 Comments   Comments
  • Blue Crew Clueless

    I have been without a refrigerator for two weeks! The blue clueless had two men at our house in one day. The refrigerator, dishwasher and stove are all broken. They sent two people and the third comes on Monday. A differnt person for each appliance! I called six times and got a different story each time. The refrigerator and stove are under warranty, not the dishwasher, which was 1200.00. It needs a 200.00 part. The refrigerator needs a part and won't be in until next week and the stove, well they don't know what is wrong with it, but another crew can come on Monday. NEVER will I... More...
    (Repair Services)
    terrytimes's Picture   terrytimes    2 Comments   Comments
  • Washer poor customer service

    The Sears Blue Crew came out to service my washer and now I have to wait 4 more days until a part comes in before I can (hopefully) use my washer again. Approximately 1 week ago we had a Sears Crew member come out and diagnose the problem with our machine. He ordered parts and scheduled a new call for us 1 week later. A NEW technician came out today and claimed that Sears never sends the same technician out twice, and he was unaware of the problem the previous technician noted. He dismantled my machine (which was usable before he came) and then realized he didn’t have a bearing... More...
    (Repair Services)
    cathey's Picture   cathey    0 Comments   Comments
  • Website shopping review

    I set an appointment to have my washer repaired on 12/18. The website states that the technician will call before arriving. The technician called when they were at my door. I didn't hear him and received a call from the dispatcher stating he weas at the door. Wehn I went to the door no tech. I called the number that was given and was told they would have him return and if I didn't hear from them to call back in 20 minites. 45 minutes later I called and then was told that nothing could be done today, they were out of the area. Speaking to a supoervisor and after getting... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Denise1275's Picture   Denise1275    0 Comments   Comments
  • dryer repairs

    I have three issues I'd like to have addressed; 1.) I called 800-4-MY-HOME last week to make an appointment to get my dryer serviced. A couple of years ago I needed my dryer fixed and called the same number and a live person offered me a one year service contract for a couple of hundred dollars and I was hoping to get the same deal this time. A computer answered the phone and never gave me an option to talk to a live person nor to get that same deal. It took me 3 calls to the computer to make the appointment but again not once was a live person offered nor that service contract... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Dryer repairs

    I made an appointment last week to get my gas dryer fixed. I called 800-4-MY-HOME like I did a couple years ago and instead of getting a live person I got an automated system. I had to call back 3 times to get it right but finally got an appointment scheduled. A couple of years ago I needed the dryer fixed and when talking to a live person they offered me a 1 yr deal for a couple hundred dollars to fix anything with the dryer, the automated system did not make the same offer. The technician came out Saturday and "fixed" the dryer for $282.83. I say "fixed" because after... More...
    (Repair Services)
    bigpdr's Picture   bigpdr    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sears Blue Crew Ripoff

    Sears Blue Crew Service repaired my Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator last week replacing the diffuser/damper which controls the chilled air flow to the refrigerator. The job took less than half an hour, but I was charged $219 for the labor (+ $104 for the part). The technician explained that he did not calculate the labor charge, it was per the job code he entered for the replacement part. That works out to be a labor rate of over $400 per hour ... or from a different perspective, if the applicable labor rate used was $100 per hour then the job should have taken over 4 hours. Sears... More...
    (Repair Services)
    bj414z's Picture   bj414z    1 Comments   Comments

    I purchased a new Lawn Tractor 11 months ago. Bought a good one, or so I thought. Paid $4500. Engine had a problem, no power and smoking. A Kohler 26 HP. Sears online site claims same dya or next day service. I called. 2 weeks was the first available. I called every number I could find, even went to the store. NO help. Worst part is that there is no one that has any authority to do anything, and you are not allowed to talk to them anyway. Service tech came in 2 weeks. Problem wasn't terminal, but it needed a ignition module (coil). He didn't hve one with him, and would have to... More...
    (Repair Services)
    brianbarrante's Picture   brianbarrante    2 Comments   Comments
  • no help

    A few weeks ago my fuel pump went out and I took it to SEARS-RIVERSIDE CA for service. I needed a new fuel pump, the problem was after I picked up my car the check engine light was on and they told me to come back in a few days if the light was still on.A few days I returned to SEARS and they said one of my senors were out.I told them that the car was running rough,and they said that they had enough of me and they could do nothing.I left upset and took my car the dealer and they found the problem was with the spark plug wires and made the repairs and the car now runs great. VERY POOR... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    JOE57's Picture   JOE57    1 Comments   Comments

sears blue service crew Reviews By Product

sears blue service crew Comments

rolandbrad says: (5 years ago)
I am very, very disappointed in Sears Repair service. First I was to have a service appointment set for my Kenmore water heater on Friday, 5/16/14 as soon as a part that was ordered arrived (5/15/14). I was told that no appointment was set up for it that day but had been assured by an appointment rep that it had. So, an appointment was set for Saturday 5/17/14 between 8am and 5pm. No one called or showed up! Talked to Customer Service at 5:04pm. After a lengthy delay(she told me she was talking to dispatch) she came back and told me there had been a glitch in the system and there was no tech assigned to my repair for that day (even though your site showed an appointment for 5/17/14 between 8am and 5pm). She apologized and said there would be a new appointment set for between 8am and Noon on 5/19/14. I have been with out hot water since last Sunday, 5/11/14 and have talked to your customer service on 5/13, 5/15, 5/16 and each time was assured that when my part arrived and I notified them, an emergency appointment would be set up. It hasn't! Today was the worst customer service and technical repair actions shown. I fully intend to report this exact response to you right now to the Better Business Bureau, State Corporation Commission, Consumer Affairs for the State of Virginia and post my experience with your service repair in all the relevant sites that people look at when deciding to buy or to determine if repair service will be responsive.

trainman2 says: (7 years ago)
Feb.16 the repairman arrived at 8:50am. Found that the Wirlpool dryer ran but did not heat up. He then proceeded to check the ignitor & found that it was cracked & repaced
it. I told my wife & showed her the broken part the repairman left with us. It was less expensive than I
expected. He was nice, polite & he got the job done
rather quickly. He left approx. 9:30am. Second time in 2ys
we have used the Blu Team! A job well done. Aurora, Ill.
Thank you, Joany.

teeeeedoff says: (7 years ago)
We are dealing with the fourth visit fron the Blue crew
today and once again they are late!!! Last week they called
at 8:00am to say we would be the first stop but guess what?
we waited the whole morning without even so much as a call!
when I called the woman got very nasty with me and told me he would be there sometime between 1:00 and 5:00pm.but guess what? He called at 6:00 pm to say it would be 2 more hours!! We made the appointment for the next day instead and He was late again! The problem is still not fixed and
we are waiting for yet another repair man who called to say he is running a couple ao hours behind!this makes 5 days of our waisted time and I still don't know if they can fix the FFFFing stove.Our home owners insurance uses
Sears Blue Crew so we really had nothing to say about it but I will never have any dealings with Sear again!!!
Please just let them send someone who knows what the F they are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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